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March 2024 | News Channel 3

Jerred, President of Downtown Neighborhood Assoc., interviewed by News Channel 3 about the grave concern for parking and citations being given to families trying to visit the new Tom Lee Park. - Click HERE

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June 2023 | Action News 5

Jerred Interviewed by Action News 5 as he stands with community members against the demolition of 2 historic homes and speaks about the need for historic preservation & smart development. - Click HERE

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June 2023 | Action News 5

Jerred Interviewed by Action News 5 about the vandalism on the state's first rainbow crosswalk.  Jerred spent the day pressure washing to remove the hateful slur. - Click HERE

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June 2023 | Action News 5

Jerred interviewed by Action News 5 about the Hard Rock Cafe closing this location on Beale Street - Click HERE


February 2023 | Washington Post

Jerred interviewed by national news media, The Washington Post, about SkyCop Camera's and how effective (nor ineffective) they have been for crime in Memphis - Click HERE


January 2023 | ABC 24

Jerred interviewed by ABC24 about new convenience center that will help with cleaning up our city - Click HERE


December 2022 | ABC 24

Jerred partners with Whitehaven leaders to bring new Christmas Tree to Whitehaven

Click HERE


October 2022 | Daily Memphian

Jerred launches campaign for Memphis City Council Super District 8

Click HERE


October 2022 | Action News 5

Jerred leads rainbow crosswalk project into  Phase 2; Cooper Young intersection makes state history.

Click HERE


September 2022 | Action News 5

Jerred advocates for better investment / accountability for our river parks; Showcases photos of non-working, deteriorated splash pad downtown.

Click HERE


September 2022 | Bluff City Life

Jerred joins Gina Neely on her show, Bluff City Life, to talk about his upcoming concert at the Overton Park Shell as Almost Elton John

Click HERE


July 2022 | Bluff City Magazine

Jerred featured on cover of Bluff City Magazine's "Leadership Edition"; Three-page story and feature showcasing his passions & accomplishments.

Click HERE


June 2022 | Action News 5

Jerred Continues to Follow Up & Advocate for Mud Island & The Amphitheater; calls out City of Memphis & MRPP for lack of investment and prioritization 

Click HERE


June 2022 | Action News 5

Tom Lee Park Concerns still lingering but Park is 40% Completed

Click HERE


April 2022 | Action News 5

Jerred continues to Advocate for Mud Island & Amphitheater; Happy Council Approves $5mil toward Monorail/Mud Island

Click HERE


April 2022 | Action News 5

Jerred visits Mud Island and shares photos of its disarray and lack of maintenance by Memphis River Parks Partnership; photos go viral

Click HERE


April 2022 | News Channel 3

Jerred advocates for Mud Island Amphitheater; City Approves $4mil for the Project

Click HERE


April 2022 | ABC 24

Jerred chats with ABC 24 about the bringing back "Dumpster Days" (Free Dumpsters/Dumping for Residents) for the City of Memphis - Launching first date in Whitehaven! Click HERE


April 2022 | ABC 24

Jerred partners with Councilman JB Smiley to Honor BarKay's Member James Alexander with a street renaming

Click HERE


December 2021 | Daily Memphian

Board of Adjustments Votes "NO" on St. Jude Proposed Garage; Jerred & Community Look Forward to Working More Closely with St. Jude to Find Parking Solutions for Growth

Click HERE


December 2021 | News Channel 3

Concerns Grow as New Tom Lee Park Changes Take Shape; Jerred Price & Concerned Citizens Speak Out

Click HERE


November 2021 | Action News 5

New Christmas Lights Coming to Whitehaven; Jerred Helps Lead Project with Community Leaders

Click HERE


November 2021| Action News 5

More Coverage on Uptown 7-Story Parking Garage Proposed by St. Jude - Jerred Speaks to Board of Adjustments via Press Conference

Click HERE


November 2021 | News Channel 3

News Channel 3 Covers Community Pushback of 7-Story Parking Garage Proposed by St. Jude - Jerred Stands With Community Members

Click HERE


November 2021 | Press Conference

Jerred Joins Uptown Community Leaders to Stand Against Proposed 7-Story St. Jude Garage

Click HERE


October 2021 | Fox 13 Memphis

Jerred Spearheads New Christmas Ornaments Project for Whitehaven; partners with community leaders and elected representatives.

Click HERE


September 2021 | News Channel 3

Drag Racing & Donuts Downtown: Holding People Accountable

Click HERE


August 2021 

State Approves Bill Increasing Fines for Drag Racing - “I was very happy to participate in discussions and provide feedback to help get this bill pushed through at the state level. The safety of Memphians and Downtowners should be one of our top priorities” says DNA President Jerred Price


July 2021 | Action News 5

Free Parking Restored in Tom Lee Park; Tom Lee Park Renovation Breaks Ground - The Fight For "Enough" Parking Continues.



July 2021 | Action News 5

The Plea For More Parking Continues for New TLP Design; Jerred Talks to Action News 5 & Joined By Councilman Martavius Jones



July 2021 | Action News 5

Fighting for Equitable Access to Our Downtown Parks; Jerred Speaks Up



April 2021 | News Channel 3

Downtown Neighborhood Assoc. Working With MPD On Downtown Safety



March 2021 | News Channel 3

Music Returning to the Mud Island Amphitheater | Community Engagement Event with Downtown Neighborhood Assoc.



March 2021 | Fox 13

Jerred advocates and rallies community members to get tax-payer paid for historic street reopened in downtown after 6 month closure.  



March 2021 | Fox 13

Committee formed for Mud Island Amphitheater to be restored to live concert venue



December 2020 | Focus Magazine

Focus Mid-South Magazine: Keeping HIV/AIDS Funding Local (Feat. Jerred Price)



December 2020 | Commercial Appeal

#SaveOurRestaurants: Memphis Protest - Jerred leads restaurants and their employees to a protest during the pandemic based on unnecessary closures.



April 2021 | Commercial Appeal

"Fight The Blight" Helping Clean Up Downtown; The Commercial Appeal front page news story: “Help as many as you can as much as you can for as long as you can.”



August 2020 | Fox 13

Out of work restaurant service workers help clean up blight in Memphis - DNA's "Fight The Blight" Program

Click HERE


August 2020 | Memphis Flyer

Downtown Neighborhood Assocation Partners with Two Broke Bartenders to Clean Up Blight

Click HERE


July 2020 | Memphis Flyer

Toby Sells of The Memphis Flyer interviews DNA President Jerred Price about new committee and plans to bring back the beloved Mud Island Amphitheater.

Click HERE!


July 2020 | ABC 24

Jerred Talks to ABC 24 about Riverside Drive Closure;

Riverside Drive closure frustrating several in downtown.


June 2020 | ABC 24

Frank Talk on Human Rights with ABC24 Memphis

LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter continuing the fight for equality.


June 2020 | ABC 24

Jerred joins his friend Aubrey Ombre to have a difficult discussion on racism & trans rights. Aubrey made Memphis history by being the first trans woman to be interviewed on air about trans rights. Click HERE


June 2020 | Daily Memphian 

Jerred writes Daily Memphian Opinion Article - MRPP needs to polish the ‘jewel’ on our front porch: Mud Island River Park

Click HERE


August 2020 | Action News 5

Action News 5 covers the story of the state's first rainbow crosswalk being installed on Nov 2, 2019!  The projects curator/founder, Jerred Price, is excited to make state history with the Cooper Young Association - Click HERE


March 2021 | Memphis Flyer

Jerred Advocates for Free MATA Passes for Students? Jerred first brought this idea to Mayor Lee Harris and SCS Board Member Stephanie Love back in early 2019 at a town hall meeting held by Commissioner Mickell Lowery at the National Civil Rights Museum.


March 2019 | Focus Magazine

Focus Magazine's Kevin Shaw does a story on Jerred and his contagious passion for Memphis, music, and people!

Click HERE


March 2016 | The Memphis Flyer

The Memphis Flyer:  We Recommend "Almost Elton John"

Chris Davis at the Memphis Flyer wrote a review and recommendation for Jerred's hit show "Almost Elton John" which started at Hard Rock Cafe Memphis.  Now, the residency has moved to Lafayette's of Memphis - Click HERE


March 2016 | Choose 901

Choose 901:   36 Reasons to Move To Memphis by Jerred Price

Jerred wrote his second article for the well known "Choose901" Memphis advocacy organization.

Click HERE


December 2015 | Choose 901

Choose 901:  New Addition Coming to Victorian Village by Jerred Price

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