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About Jerred

"Be seen serving, don't serve to be seen" - Jerred

Hey everyone!

I'm Jerred.  Some of you know me through my work as Commissioner of Memphis City Beautiful, some of you may know me through the Downtown Neighborhood Association.  And many of you know me through my music & my show "Almost Elton John". If you don't know me, I hope this website helps give you a little information about who I am and my passion for a better Memphis. 


I was raised in the housing projects with a single mom.  I knew early on, if I wanted something, I would have to work hard and put all my effort into reaching that goal.  But I also knew that you get out of the universe what you put into it.  So I guided my life with two mottos:  "Be seen serving, don't serve to be seen" and  “Let's do all we can, for as many as we can, for as long as we can.”


Today, I am an entrepreneur, small business owner, President of the Downtown Neighborhood Association, and a musician. I  know the importance of small businesses & music in our city and want to help other aspiring musicians and business owners reach their goals and fullest potential.  This city has so much opportunity, but we have to lift up EVERYONE from EVERY neighborhood for our city to reach its fullest potential. 


Let's ask not what Memphis can do for us, rather, what we can do for Memphis - together!


Here's are some highlights of Jerred's work in the community over the years!


  • Led Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) to it's largest membership ever: from 67 members to over 500+!

  • Stood shoulder to shoulder with Uptown community to organize to fight & win against a 7-story parking garage from being built next to their homes!

  • Worked with Westwood community leaders to advocate for revitalization & clean up of Southwest Twin Drive-In site!

  • Helped advocate for funding for Mud Island Amphitheater and bring it to the attention of the city and leaders!

  • Worked with Jo Ann Street and other community leaders to clean up blighted areas in Hollywood/Douglass!

  • Made state history by spearheading & founding the state's first rainbow crosswalk in Cooper-Young honoring and lifting the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Spearheaded the street renaming & the ceremony honoring James Alexander of the BarKays in Soulsville! 

  • Worked with Kathy Temple to give back school supplies to Douglass community!

  • Partnered with Whitehaven leaders to bring new Christmas tree to Whitehaven community at Southland Mall! 

  • Worked with Mrs. Hazel and other community leaders to bring new Christmas lights to Whitehaven street light post!

  • Participated in over 50+ neighborhood clean ups over the years!

  • Served as Commissioner for Memphis City Beautiful and helped launch one of the largest city-wide clean ups in the organizations history via the Litter League Competition 


& much more! 

Jerred's Background

Commercial Appeal Ad.jpeg

Business Management, 

Leadership, & Entrepreneurship 

Starting at an early age, Jerred built an extensive background in business management, leadership, team building, business operations, and Human Resources.


 Jerred believes that to be a leader, you must listen and work hand in hand with others to create the best ideas and ways to implement them. 


He believes when you are in a position of leadership, it must never be taken advantage of; you should use your position to better the world around you.

In 2021, Jerred used his experience with business management (Senior Mangager for Lowe's Home Centers) & insurance (Property Adjuster for nearly 10 years)  to launch his own company, Price & Co. Roofing.  An unmatched experience utilizing his understanding of construction, insurance, and customer service, the company got off to a busy start and serves the greater Memphis area.  

To see more, visit




In 2018, Mayor Jim Strickland appointed Jerred as Commissioner for the City of Memphis' Memphis City Beautiful. In 2020, he was elected President of the oldest and largest neighborhood Association in Downtown Memphis: The Downtown Neighborhood Association which has an outreach of 12,000+ downtown residents and businesses.


Another big accomplishment came in 2020 with the nomination and approval to a national board of directors.  The Victory Fund Campaign Board is a national entity that promotes LGBTQ+ people to run for office and goes further to even endorse them and help with fundraising efforts! Jerred has gotten to work with community leaders and candidates from all over the USA!


Most of all, however, he is a Memphis advocate! He volunteers & works with numerous organizations including but not limited to Friends for Life, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Mystic Krewe of Pegasus, Downtown Neighborhood Association,  Memphis Medical District Collaborative, and many others!



Almost Elton John

Jerred's hit show, "Almost Elton John & The RocketMen" can be found at world famous Lafayette's Music room in Overton Square! 


 The show started at Hard Rock on Beale Street and has grown to be a Memphis favorite in the music scene. 


Recently, Jerred was booked to play Memphis Botanic Garden's Live at the Garden event where over 500+ people came to hear his tribute show at the Radians Amphitheater!


 Jerred was the featured artist in New York City for Elton John's 60th birthday celebration on the "Lunch Around the World" cruise that helped raise money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Given 4 stars from the Memphis Flyer, this a must see show!


He has gotten to meet and become friends with his idol (Elton John) and the two share a passion for sharing love, music, and talent.

Awards, Certificates, & Boards:



Proclamation for Outstanding Leadership - Shelby County Commission Feb 2022

Certified Neighborhood Leader via City of Memphis’ Office of Community Affairs

People’s Choice Award via Focus Magazine 2020

Appreciation Award - Sheriff & Memphis Police Activities League

One of Memphis’ Best Live Acts - Memphis Most Awards 2021 & 2022 (as Almost Elton John)

Best Tribute Artist - Lafayette’s Music Room’s Tommy Awards 2022 (as Almost Elton John)

Licensed Home Improvement Contractor - State of Tennessee (Price & Co. Roofing and Remodeling)

Official Roofing Parter of Commercial Appeal (Price & Co. Roofing and Remodeling)

Better Business Bureau Certified (Price & Co. Roofing and Remodeling)





Friends for Life

Mystic Krew of Pegasus

NAACP - Memphis Chapter

Memphis Heritage

Memphis City Beautiful

Downtown Neighborhood Association

Elton John AIDS Foundation

Memphis Medical District Collaborative

Downtown Memphis Commission




President Emeritus of Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA)

Chairman - DNA’s “Save the Amphitheater Committee” 

Council Member - MLGW Neighborhood Council

Committee Member - The Core Transportation Management Association via Downtown Memphis Commission

Committee Member - Greater Whitehaven Economic Development Corporation Neighborhood Council Committee

Committee Member - Memphis Heritage Engagement & Development Committee

President of the Board & Founder - Leachville Beautification Corporation (Nonprofit)

Former Commissioner - City of Memphis’ City Beautiful Commission

Former Board Member - Victory Fund’s Campaign Board (National Position)

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