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Community Policing & Public Safety

One thing I believe in and spoke with Former Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams about (and he agreed) is the need for better community policing. 


Community policing is a strategy that involves building relationships between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. This policy would involve assigning police officers to specific neighborhoods, where they would work to build relationships with residents and business owners.


Community policing would involve regular foot patrols, bike patrols, and community meetings. These meetings would provide an opportunity for residents to voice their concerns and work with law enforcement to address issues in their community. Police officers would also work with community organizations and local businesses to identify and address the root causes of crime in the area.


The implementation of community policing has been shown to reduce crime rates in cities across the United States. This policy would help to build trust between law enforcement and the community, which is essential for effective crime prevention. By working together, law enforcement and community members can identify and address the underlying issues that contribute to crime, such as poverty, drug addiction, and lack of access to education and job opportunities.

We also need to work with our justice system to ensure that repeat offenders and violent crime committers do not return to our city streets. 

In the Bail Reform Act of 1978, judges are required to treat money bail as a last resort and to be imposed only if other less restrictive conditions are deemed insufficient to ensure someone appears for their trial. Federal law also requires courts to hold bail hearings within a reasonable time of arrest, to include counsel and to take individual circumstances into account. However, the law states that one can be held if they are deemed a risk to the public.  We need to ensure this verbiage in the law is followed in a more strict manner - our citizens should never feel unsafe to walk out of their home because our justice system failed to retain someone who may be harmful to the public if released.


Overall, the implementation of community policing & implementing existing laws would help to create a safer and more secure city by reducing crime rates and building stronger relationships between law enforcement and the community.

Investing In Our Youth

Investing in our youth is a crucial step towards building a better future for ourselves and our communities. By providing young people with opportunities and resources, we can help them develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed in life. Investing in our youth can also lead to positive social, economic, and cultural outcomes.


For example, it can help reduce poverty, crime, and unemployment rates, while improving educational attainment, health outcomes, and civic engagement. Additionally, investing in our youth can help create a more diverse and inclusive society, where everyone has the chance to thrive and contribute to the greater good. Overall, investing in our youth is a wise and necessary investment that can yield significant dividends for generations to come.

As your next councilman, I will invest more into programs like the Boys & Girls club, Memphis/Shelby County PAL, and other after school & summer programs that offer mentoring, companionship, sports, meals, and more for our kids.  We also have several nonprofits who are already doing the work on the ground and in the communities - I will work toward securing more funding for these organizations that have proven themselves to be affective and delivering real results and change.


It's time we cut wasteful spending in our city budget and invest in OUR YOUTH!

Supporting Small Businesses

As a small business owner & entrepreneur myself, I know that small business is the backbone of America and our city. 

They deserve our support and commitment to growth. To support and grow small businesses, we propose the following platform:


1. Access to Capital: Small businesses often struggle to secure capital to start or expand their operations. We will advocate for policies that provide small businesses with easier access to loans and grants, and we will work with financial institutions to develop creative financing solutions that meet the unique needs of small businesses.


2. Tax Incentives: Small businesses face a heavy tax burden, which can hinder their growth and success. We will push for tax incentives that encourage small business growth, such as tax credits for hiring new employees, investing in new technology, or expanding operations in underserved communities.


3. Regulatory Relief: Small businesses are often weighed down by excessive regulations and red tape. We will work to streamline regulatory processes and eliminate unnecessary barriers to entry, making it easier for small businesses to operate and grow.


4. Business Incubators: We will support the creation of business incubators and accelerators, which provide small businesses with resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. These programs can help small businesses overcome the challenges of starting and growing a successful enterprise.


5. Procurement Opportunities: We will work to increase procurement opportunities for small businesses, particularly those owned by women, minorities, and veterans. By providing small businesses with access to government contracts, we can help them grow their revenue and expand their operations.


By implementing these policies and initiatives, we can create a supportive environment for small businesses to thrive and grow. This will not only benefit small business owners and their employees, but it will also boost local economies and strengthen our overall economic landscape.

Economic Development & Smart Development

Economic development is critical to the success and prosperity of our communities. We need to support new programs that will allow smart development in neighborhoods that need it most.  Additionally, we have seen enough "bad development" in our communities that were not supported by the majority of citizens.  I will stand with the community when it comes to ensuring smart development happens in our neighborhoods.  Citizens should have a say so as to what kind of development they want to see in their neighborhood.  To support economic development, we propose the following platform:


1. Job Creation: We will prioritize job creation by supporting small businesses and promoting entrepreneurship. We will work to attract new businesses to our communities, as well as retain and expand existing businesses. We will also invest in workforce development programs to ensure that our residents have the skills and training necessary for the jobs of the future.


2. Infrastructure Investment: We will support infrastructure projects that create jobs and improve our communities. This includes transportation, water and sewer, broadband, and other critical infrastructure. We will also prioritize investment in underserved communities to ensure that all residents have access to essential services and economic opportunities.


3. Innovation and Technology: We will support innovation and technology to drive economic growth. This includes investing in research and development, supporting the commercialization of new technologies, and fostering collaboration between industry and academia. We will also work to expand access to high-speed internet and other digital technologies to ensure that our communities are equipped to compete in the global economy.


4. Sustainable Development: We will support sustainable development practices that promote economic growth while protecting our environment. This includes investing in renewable energy, promoting energy efficiency, and supporting green infrastructure projects. We will also work to reduce waste and promote recycling, creating new economic opportunities in the process.


5. Inclusive Economic Growth: We will prioritize inclusive economic growth that benefits all residents of our communities. This includes supporting minority-owned businesses and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workforce. We will also work to reduce economic inequality by creating pathways to economic opportunity for low-income individuals and communities.


By implementing these policies and initiatives, we can create a strong economic foundation for our communities to thrive and grow. This will not only benefit our residents and businesses, but it will also attract new investment and create long-term economic stability.

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